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Tests and Checks Made For Power Transformers

We will discuss various tests and checks meant for power transformers in this post. To learn about them, read the entire post.

Electrical transformers- power factor

With the help of this test, you can easily detect the dryness of power transformer insulation. Power factor is the ratio of the power dissipated separated by the input volt-ampere multiplied by 100. You can repeat this test during the service life of the transformer and checked against the output retrieved during production to ensure if the insulation is decaying or malfunctioning.

Resistance check

To check the resistance of a transformer, you need to switch off the system and ensure current should not pass through it for several hours. Winding resistance is determined by measuring the current and voltage simultaneously, with the current closer to the rated current. When you perform this test, you will be able to calculate and compensate for major component of load losses.

Transformer polarity

In this test, voltage is applied between the primary bushings and the output voltage is greater in secondary bushings, it shows that the transformer has additive polarity. Polarity is a critical concern when the transformer system is to be bank connected or paralleled. You can also try this test to check polarity of three-phase transformer.

Oil tests

Oil sample testing can be helpful in determining several things about the condition of the system. You can perform the following tests with the oil sample-

  • Acid number

  • Power factor

  • Dielectric breakdown

  • Moisture content

  • Interfacial tension

Phase relation

This test helps in detecting whether the transformer has been linked in a correct phase relationship. It helps in calculation of the angular displacement and relative phase sequence of the transformer and can be tested simultaneously when you are performing ratio and polarity tests. You can record the voltages of the primary and secondary phase and compare to avail the phase relation.

Visual inspection

Visual inspection truly helps in revealing the potential issues that are not easy to diagnose. You must call the experts to perform visual inspection on regular basis.

All these tests and checks should be performed by professionals. You can visit the near service center that offer transformer testing and checking services and facilities at great price. The best shop will have qualified staff, that is experienced enough to handle your poorly maintained transformer.

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